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French Alps are stunning in so many ways! Being home to crystal-clear lakes, lush green valleys, quaint villages and mountains that can change in stark contrast from their base to the summit. Summer or winter the Alps are most known for their outdoor activities - mountaineering, skiing, paragliding, rafting, road cycling, mountain biking and more.Typical French chalets weave along the mountainside villages, presenting natural beauty that inspires with its richness, delightful cafes top mountain summits so seemingly remote yet busy with travellers.

The largest cities of the French Alps are Albertville, Annecy, Chambery and Grenoble. Both Albertville and Grenoble have been hosts to Winter Olympic Games in 1992 and 1968 respectively.

The Alps are part and parcel of the Tour de France grand cycling tour, not just in the cycling and sporting world, but for visitors to France who visit to take in the Tour fever in July as well as the country itself.

In the Tour de France the Col du Galibier is the most visited mountain in the Alps, with the 2011 stage marking the 100th Anniversary of Galibier appearing in the tour. Other favourite climbs in the Alps are Alpe d’Huez with its 21 famous switchbacks; the Col de la Madeleine has featured in the Tour 24 times; and the Col d'Izoard, at 2360m has been climbed 34 times.

French Alps Cycling, Tour de FranceFrench Alps, Lake of the Mont-Cenis, Lanslebourg

                   Tour de France, Alps                                                Valley and Mountains View

Lake of the Mont-Cenis, Lanslebourg

                                             Lake of the Mont-Cenis, Lanslebourg

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